A Guide To Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

Arbonne Meal Replacement Shakes

The effectiveness of a replacement shake is determined by a number of factors. From the blend of ingredients, the shake packs to how nutritionally effective these individual ingredients are. Indeed, it is through such parameters that a customer can choose from a plethora of replacement shake manufacturers out there. One shake that we will discuss in this post is Arbonne. In order to exhaust all there is to know about Arbonne shakes, the article shall go in-depth on each of the following sections. 

What is Arbonne Replacement Shakes 

Arbonne has been transforming lives with health products which are a blend of diverse natural ingredients for the last 35 years. They adopt cutting-edge technology to curate perfect products out of natural ingredients that are aimed at different health issues. Since their inception, they have been evolving at a rapid pace and currently is a global leader in the field of health-based products. They have a range of products and that includes the Arbonne Protein Shake which is known for very high sugar and carbohydrate content but also filled with high protein and diverse vitamins. 

Arbonne was founded in Switzerland more than 4 decades ago, in 1975 to be precise. However, 5 years later, the company moved to the US and is now based in Irvine, California. Though it began focusing on purely health and wellness products, the company has since diversified into various other Arbonne products such as cosmetic and general beauty products as well. 

The Arbonne shakes are considered to be highly nutritious which rejuvenates the body with minerals and vitamins and boosts the overall immunity system. Verified by clinical tests results the product is known to have negligible glycemic content. Their focus is on the ingredients which are 100% safe, natural and healthy for the human body. 

Nutritional facts of Arbonne Replacement Shakes 

The Arbonne shake recipes contain high levels of protein, fibers, and minerals. 

Protein Content 

Currently, the protein content in these products exceeds beyond the competitors as an estimated amount of 20 grams of protein can be found in a scoop of this product which encourages weight loss. The facts get even better, as the protein content is completely vegan. Mostly, there are three types of proteins that are present in the Arbonne protein shake. They are: 

  • Rice protein which offers the benefits like any other protein.
  • Pea Protein is rich in amino acids similar to that of fish and meat and proves to be beneficial for individuals aiming to lose weight.
  • Cranberry protein powder is the special ingredient and contains high amounts of the popular Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Fiber Content 

Unlike the protein content, only 2 grams of fiber is a present per serve of the protein shake which is lower than its competitors which offer up to 10 grams of fibers per scoop. But it is important to notice that the fiber in this product is Inulin that is known for producing beneficial bacteria in the stomach facilitating smooth digestion. It also ensures that it doesn’t contribute to the calorie intake. 

Vitamin Content 

Amazingly, the Arbonne Protein Shake offers 23 different vitamins which are higher than any other product in the market. Some of the important vitamins and minerals worth mentioning are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Potassium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Iodine, Zinc, Calcium, Copper, Manganese and many more which ensures the proper functioning of all the systems in the body. 

Ingredients of Arbonne Replacement Shakes 

According to various Arbonne reviews, a single pack of Arbonne Protein Shake provides 30 perfect servings with each serving amounting to 160 calories of energy which is impressive as any meal replacement shake under 200 calories for one serving is considered to be a weight loss shake. It can also be used to gain lean mass if take properly with additional diet. The mix also includes ginger and other essential herbs that contribute to the protein content. 

It is an all in one shake which acts as a meal replacement shake, a weight loss shake, and a protein shake but the drawback is high sugar content which is 9 grams per scoop. This is high when compared to its counterparts. 

The protein replacement shake uses additives such as thickeners, gums, etc that can be detrimental to the gut. The use of Cornstarch as a thickener is opposed by many as a lot of people are allergic to corn. It is believed that some ingredients are genetically manipulated which may not suit everybody.


Detailed Information Regarding the Arbonne Replacement Shakes 

The Arbonne reviews suggest that there are three distinct and popular Arbonne Replacement protein shakes which vary in taste, ingredients, and functionality. 

The Arbonne Protein-Shake Mix is one of the popular products of this brand and provides 160 calories per serving which contains a staggering 20 grams of protein and high sugar content of 9 grams. Though the effects are clinically proven, this product is not free of additives like thickeners and fillers. They are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors and taste very good according to countless reviews. It is a completely vegan product. 

The Arbonne Essentials-Daily Protein Boost has a calorie content of 50 per serving but offers around 10 grams in the same quantity. With zero grams of sugar, the presence of only natural flavors with no fillers makes this Arbonne product a good deal for people who do not opt for sugar but at the same time require high protein content for building lean mass and losing fat. Like the protein shake mix, it is a completely vegan product. Due to the absence of fillers and sugar, the taste is not very distinct like the Shake Mix. 

The Arbonne Ready-to-Drink Shakes has to highest calories content which is about 180 per serving. It provides the same amount of protein like the Shake Mix which is 20 grams per scoop. It is very convenient to a consumer as the product is all set up and has the highest sugar content of all the products amounting to 11 grams per serving. It is a vegan product with thickeners, additives and tastes amazingly well according to the reviews of consumers. 

Benefits and Side Effects 

The meal replacement products from Arbonne has an amazing number of benefits but also has some drawbacks at the same time. As already discussed, the high protein content and the presence of 23 vitamins provide the body with all the nutrient it needs. It rejuvenates the body and enhances mental acuity while boosting physical performance. It also improves the immunity system and promotes weight loss due to the presence of various fatty acids and amino acids that are known for breaking down fat cells. 

The setbacks are far less in number but cannot be overlooked. The high sugar content might not suit everyone, especially for people with diabetes. Excessive consumption can render the fat-cell breakdown process invalid which can result in unwanted fat storage in the body. The use of additives in the shakes can be harmful to the stomach and can result in annoying digestive problems. 

Insight into the Diverse Arbonne Products 

Protein-Snack Bar-Apple Cinnamon: This tasty apple flavored snack bar is ideal for consumption on the go for an instant energy boost. It provides 10 grams of protein derived from plants and essential fibers for the body. 

Chai Protein-Shake Mix: With 20 grams of plant-based protein and more than 20 different vitamins, the Chain protein mix is a nutritious product that promotes a healthy body and a sound mind. 

Chocolate milk-replacement shake: Similar to the Chai Protein mix, these products offer 20 grams of protein and diverse vitamins and tastes amazing well with the perfect blend of chocolate. 

Daily Fibre Boost: Our body requires a daily consumption of 26 grams of fiber, and this product ensures 12 grams of fiber per scoop. The fiber is mainly derived from grains and vegetables. This is odorless and has no distinct taste which can be added to various diets and shake mixes for consumption. 

Herbal Tea: This is one of the best tea products which has an amazing flavor and is free from caffeine. It has 6 natural ingredients that detoxify your body from harmful substances. 

Body Cleanse: This product comes in packs of 7 and this ginger flavored product cleanses your system. The Aloe vera content relaxes the digestive system and prevents acid reflux. 

Energy Fizz Sticks: This is an innovative product that comes in sticks. A perfect substitute for the coffee. Stirring the stick in a cup of warm water creates an amazing drink that promotes temporary but immediate alertness. 

Greens Balance: It comes in the form of a powder which is a mix of various vegetables and fruits and is rich in antioxidants and fibers essential for the body. 

Mind HealthIt is a sacred product from the brand that contains Phosphatidylserine and vitamin B12 that enhances brain cell generation and improves cognitive activities. This cherry flavored product supports quick learning and better memory. 

Protein Snack BarWith 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per scoop, it is a good substitute for chips and other snacks. 

How Much Does It Cost and Where to Buy Them? 

The unique Arbonne products are directly available for sale from the official site of Arbonne company.  

The average price for a whole pack which consists of 30 servings varies from $89-$99 and which comes down to $2.96-$3.3 per shake.  


The meal replacement shakes from Arbonne are a great deal as the consumers have literally lost weight after consumption for a certain period of time. The effects of high sugar content and additives can be overcome if consumed in a disciplined way with no more than 1 scoop per day for a smooth transition into a lean and fit body. 

The plant-based protein content and the numerous vitamins keep you fit and healthy which has a positive effect on your mind as well. The taste of these products is amazing and they come in different flavors. And in order to make everything easier for their customers, the company also offers great Arbonne shake recipes. These recipes will surely start you off with these amazing shakes. 


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