Best Weight Loss Shakes In The Market 2019

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Losing weight is a big task. There is a lot of fuss around the internet about weight loss. It ranges from diets to exercises, to tablets, and some unhealthy shortcuts. However, weight loss shakes have proven to be effective from time to time.

All about weight loss shakes

Many people go on unrealistic diets and give up eventually. People sweat it out in the gym too but fail to see any positive result. This frustration makes them turn to fat burners and other shortcuts available in the market. However, there are no shortcuts to a healthy body and a healthy weight loss. All the fat burners only harm the body in the long run.

Hence come the weight loss shakes! They are healthy, tasty, and an easy plan to stick to, without any side-effects. Nutritionists and dietitians themselves recommend their clients to go for weight loss shakes. This is the case especially with those who have hit a plateau in their weight loss journey.

So, what are weight loss shakes? Weight loss shakes are basically a meal-replacement shake. They can be bought in powder form. The shake mix is available in a variety of flavors in the market, and people can choose one according to their taste. All you need to do is mix a part of the shake-mix with water or milk, and have it as a meal. Since it is a meal replacement shake, you do not have to have anything along with it. One serving of a weight loss shake in itself is filling and has all the nutrition you need from a meal.

How weight loss shakes work

The basics about losing weight are that one needs to consume fewer calories in a day to make the body go in a calorie deficit phase. Once you start consuming fewer calories, you will start losing weight. It takes a calorie deficit of 3500 calories to burn 1 kilogram of fat. Hence, either by burning or by consuming less, one has to make calorie deficit a reality.

Weight loss shakes help a lot in doing so. They have all the necessary nutrients, but the calories are less. This makes the consumer of such weight loss shake consume all important nutrients and still be in a calorie deficit. The best weight loss shakes contain all the essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The highest content is that of protein in the best weight loss shakes. High levels of protein ensure that you remain full and satiated for a long time. Apart from that, protein has its own share of benefits. Since protein takes time to digest, the body burns more calories digesting protein. Hence, you must have heard all the health-conscious people going for a high-protein and a low-carb diet.

A list of Best Weight Loss Shakes

When the demand for a product is high, many manufacturers of the particular product pop-up. However, not all can provide good quality. So, to make your task easier here is a list of 10 best weight shakes available in the market.

310 Shake 

310 Shake is the best meal replacement weight loss shake you will find in the market. There are many factors that contribute to the fact that 310 Shake is the best. One of the most important factors is that it uses the best quality ingredients and all under 90 calories per serving. Protein provided per serving is as high as 15g. The best part about this shake is that it has no added sugar or any other artificial sweetener. Even after being devoid of any kind of sweetness, this shake tastes really good. Need another reason to buy? Each serving costs only about $2.40.


This is one of the most heard names in the market. However, when compared to 310 shakes, it lacks a little behind. Though protein provided in each serving is 16g, it also provides more carbs and less of fiber when compared to 310 Shake. Each serving has only 130 calories. This weight loss shake also has no added sugar or any form of sweetener. And the cost of each serving comes out to be $4.33. This might be higher than what 310 shake has to offer, but Shakeology is an established and reliable brand of this field. 

Gnc Lean Shake


GNC Lean Shakes 

This shake is preferred by mostly those who exercise hard at the gym as well. This is so because each serving of this shake provides 25g of protein. When the amount of protein is high, so are the calories at 200 per serving. This also means that carbohydrates are also higher when compared to the above two shakes. The only thing that might make people back out from this lean shake is the sweetener content. Although, those who do not mind some amount of sugar in their drink can definitely go for this. This shake costs about $2.50 per serving.  


IsaLean Shake by Isagenix is also an excellent choice. It has high protein content with a good amount of fiber, and also no sweeteners. The only thing to consider in Isagenix is the number of calories per serving. This weight loss shake has 240 calories per serving. So, if that fits in your calorie count for the day, you can go for this weight loss shake. The price per serving comes out to be $3.71. This is also not much.  

Orgain Organic 


Orgain Organic 

It is vegan, and it is gluten-free. If this is what you have been looking for in a meal-replacement weight loss shake, then Orgain Organic is your deal. It has no artificial sweetener and a negligible amount of sugar. Orgain Organic also has high dietary fiber and high protein content at 20g. Though the calories per serving are 220. If this suits you, then Orgain Organic is a good choice.  

Medi fast ShakesMedifast Shakes 

Medifast Shakes are appealing because of the flavors it has to provide. Apart from vanilla and chocolate, you can treat your taste buds with strawberry and even cappuccino flavored meal-replacement shakes. Each serving of this shake has only 110 calories. And in this, you get 14g of protein. This is quite a good choice too. The only downside is the sugar content. So, if you do not mind 11g of sugar in each serving, then Medifast shakes can be your pick 

Ideal Shake



Ideal Shake 

Well, the name itself suggests that it is an ideal shake. This meal-replacement weight loss shake is an ideal choice for those on budget. Apart from being low on calories and having a lower content of sugar, each serving costs only about $1.66. This is quite a reasonable amount for a weight loss shake.  


Garden of LifeGarden of Life

Standing true to its name, Garden Of Life Meal Replacement Shake is to look out for. With only 110 calories per serving and 22g of protein, this shake is a superb pick. It has no sugar or any artificial sweetener, making it an ideal choice. The cost per serving comes out to be between $2.33 and $2.65, depending upon the flavor of shake you pick.  

Arbonne Shake


Arbonne Shake

Arbonne protein shake is a balanced blend of different types of vegan proteins derived from cranberry, pea, and rice. The appetite controller helps to reduce food cravings and promote the growth of lean muscle mass. Provides 20 grams of vegan protein from pea, rice, and cranberry that is easily digestible and provides essential amino acids plus more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. Additionally, there are various studies which prove that the ingredients used to make this shake are effective for weight loss. 

Almased shakeAlmased 

Almased provides one of the highest contents of protein per serving at 27g. Each serving gives about 180 calories, which is a decent amount for a meal for weight-watchers. However, the fiber content is quite low at just 0.5g. But all of this is covered up with a good amount of carbohydrate, and of course a good price. Each serving costs only about $1.66.  

How much do weight loss shakes cost?  

The cost of a container of a meal-replacement weight loss shake mix can vary. The cost primarily depends upon the number of servings each container has. It also depends on the ingredients of the weight loss shake. If it has plant-based protein, it can cost higher than whey protein mix. Another factor that adds to cost is the brand.  

The price range of weight loss shakes is between $34 and $130. This is just an average range. Good weight loss shakes like 310 Shakes are priced at $69.99 for a container with 30 servings.  

Which is the best weight loss shake for you?  

This is a very subjective question. Each body has different needs, and everyone has different tastes and preferences too. For someone looking for a drastic weight loss can pick any meal-replacement weight loss shake and see a difference. However, those who need to shed the last pounds need to pick their shake mix carefully. Preferably, such people pick those with higher protein content. Protein is known to help build lean muscle. So, people who are just beginning their weight loss journey can opt for other weight loss shakes too. This is because to begin a weight loss, one needs to primarily cut down on calories, which all weight loss shakes do.  

Weight loss shakes are much more than what they present

If you ever get bored of mixing weight loss shake mix into water and having it as your meal, you can always look up the internet for something more such as weight loss shake recipes. There are many innovative and delicious protein shake recipes for weight loss available online that do not hinder your weight loss goals. You can either make smoothies, interesting shakes, or even make pancakes out of your protein powder! If you wish to go a step further, there are chefs that even make cookies and cakes with protein powder. There is actually no limit to weight loss shake recipes. You can get as creative as you can be.  

So, if you can take that pain to prepare such delicious yet healthy goodies, go ahead – the internet is your world!  


Picking the right meal replacement weight loss shake cannot depend on anything else but your body’s requirements. If you are looking to lose a massive amount of weight, then you can start with any meal replacement shake. However, if you are looking to lose those last few pounds – the most stubborn ones – then you must make a wise choice. Consult your nutritionists and seek their advice on what macros you need to break that plateau. Good luck with your weight loss journey!  


Richard D. Gosnell