Fitness and exercise for the old, pregnant and also young people!

Fitness and exercise for the old, pregnant and young people

Exercises & fitness is actually the daily activities that are so useful and do expose people to amazing health benefits. The health and fitness exercises are actually categorized so as to fit all genres of people such as the kids, the old and even the pregnant women. All these exercises and fitness practices are meant to warrant the best health that will in turn results in long term benefits. Being healthy and fit is really beneficial and has a wide number of benefits that do really work to ensure that we enjoy our lives in all steps of life!

Importance of exercise for fitness
Exercises have a wide number of benefits with regards to our health and fitness! The leading benefits include;

It results in weight loss

If you are really struggling with heavyweight, the only way is to settle on the exercises such as weight lifting and also aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and even walking! All this will ensure that the body metabolism is increased therefore the end result will yield amazing weight loss benefits.

Source of happiness

Exercises & fitness have been also confirmed to be a source of happiness. When you are generally healthy and fit, you will always have an easy time doing all sorts of activities! This is a sure source of happiness that everyone should be looking for.

Strengthen the muscles and bones

Exercise is also the only way to strengthen muscles and bone. The exercises that entail weight lifting have been confirmed to play a role in strengthening the muscles by working on the abilities of the cardiorespiratory system. It in turns improves the growth and the stamina of the bones and muscles hence making them healthier and stronger.

Increases the energy levels

Aerobic exercises will actually increase the energy levels in the body since it utilizes oxygen to burn fats and proteins to yield energy. The exercises will increase the rates of metabolism and therefore makes it possible to have large bouts of energy supplied in the body!

Brain health and memory

Exercises & fitness has been also shown to e the most effective way to have a proper focus and coordination in the brain. People who are engaged in daily exercises are actually very focused and they are always well coordinated than lazy people with no exercise at all. Exercises have a direct impact on brain functioning in terms of coordination and focus.

Relaxation and sleep

Exercises have been also proven to be the reasons behind the sound sleep and relaxation. It’s really a practical benefit that we enjoy when we are engaged in a series of exercises. The tiredness that we get after the exercise is really very effective in promoting the sound sleep during its time.

Types of exercise

There are various kinds of exercises for the elderly, pregnant women and also the kids. Let’s consider the best kind of exercises for these groups of people.

Exercise for adults of all ages

Old age comes with a lot of inconveniences and it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to remain healthy and fit during the old age. This means that an elderly needs a series of exercises that will actually help in ensuring that the desired fitness is achieved. The exercises include

Weight-bearing exercises

Weight-bearing exercises here may really not entirely mean carrying the heavyweights but even small activities such as the washing the car, walking as you carry your shopping, gardening and such related tasks. Experts agree that repeating such tasks constantly will really give beneficial results in the long run.

Gentle stretching

Muscles need a thorough exercise especially during old age so as to make them active and convenient.. muscles can be strengthened through activities such as Tai Chi or even yoga. These activities are really the best since they do promote flexibility in joints and also the overall muscles.

Aerobic exercises

This is also another important activity for the old. Here aerobic activities include walking, cycling, running and many others. These activities are just the best for the old since it helps them in increasing the activity of the body organs. It really triggers them to be functional hence promoting self fitness and satisfaction.

For pregnant women

Pregnancy is also something else that needs a set of exercises for the proper growth of the baby and also the proper health of the bearer. As the pregnancy matures, it actually stretches some abdominal muscles and therefore exercises will really make them stay in the right position and therefore will do help a lot during the pregnancy delivery! They include;

Brisk walking

Brisk walking is actually very essential during the early stages of pregnancy. The good thing with walking is that it really doesn’t cost a thing since strolling may be done around the garden, on the bushy fields or even around your house. This is really important and will help in ensuring the stability and the health of the knees. Always walk with caution during the advanced stages of pregnancy since the center of gravity is interfered with at the advanced stages.


Swimming is undoubtedly the best activity for pregnant women since it has a great impact on stretching with no impact on the joints. The water does really play a role by relieving some weight since water has a buoyant effect that helps the pregnant women in relieving some weight for some time! Take caution during swimming to avoid slipping, avoid things like jumping or even diving since it may really impact the abdomen.


Yoga types do vary but there are those which are designed for pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga classes are actually the kind that will best fit the pregnant women. it exercises the joints and hence helping in maintaining flexibility. What you get when you exercise yoga is the normal blood circulation, strong muscles and general relaxation. Always be careful as you progress with pregnancy and avoid the yoga positions that may interfere with the pregnancy.

For children

Children are generally very active and their bodies are still very weak since they still have a room for growth. The exercises for children may really not be equivalent to those of old people therefore what they do is a little less strenuous and may not involve heavy weight lifting. This activity includes;


This is just the most natural activity that is really less strenuous and the kids will enjoy it since each one of the will run at its own base. It’s an activity that is really best suited for kids since you are sure not to strain the muscles and there are really no dangers associated with it.


Is also another amazing exercise & fitness activity that is very enjoyable and well suited to kids. There are a variety of jumping styles such as the frog jumps, hurdle jumps, high jumps or even the hop jumps. All these are just amazing and will ensure that the kids get the best fitness that’s desired.

Sit ups and push ups

This one is also the best for kids though it may really be tough it’s just best to exercise the back and the abdomen. Children will really enjoy it as they feel the impact on the back and the abdomen.

Healthy weight and unhealthy activity level

It’s true that some people may be having a very healthy weight. This does not really translate to a healthy activity level. Research has shown that healthy weight may not be a guarantee for a healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy activity level may really compromise with the healthy weight, therefore, its important to keep your activity levels checked so that you stay fit all the time!



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