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There are times when we feel like taking meals which are free from harmful chemicals. It happens that the only fast meals we can find around us are those that are chemically oriented thus we find ourselves in a very disturbing situation. Garden of Life which is a company dedicated to serving the interest of such people have always made a great step ahead by making Meal replacement shakes that are organic and useful for our body. The company has it’s headquarter based on Palm Beach Gardens-Florida. It’s a highly accredited company with certificates from USDA Organic, U Kosher, and Star-K Kosher among others. Now let’s find out in this review if garden of life meal replacement shake is the real supplements the manufacturers claim. 

What is Garden of life Meal replacement shake? 

The biggest problem we normally face as to why we cannot consume all the nutrients we need is an inconvenience. This is because carrying fruits, vegetables in your bare hand, or in a paper bag, box or any other thing may not be an easy task for most of. This is where Garden of life protein comes in as you will just be carrying a small can or bottle of these supplements and a little amount of water from your office tap will do you the magic. You can do the mixing and consume it in place of the other healthy meals you were craving for. All the nutrients shall have been catered for in this diet. 

How Garden of life works? 

If you have been worried about how these supplements can work to archive the claims suggested by the manufactures. Then it’s a simple task. Normally in our daily diet, we tend to consume certain food which may not have any nutritional effects on our body. Garden of life protein is manufactured with enough nutrients that you need but with the low amount of fats and carbs. This ensures your body gets the energy it needs and the important vitamins and minerals but still, not fat is stored in the body.


Garden of life Meal replacement shakes mainly contain organic ingredients to ensure the users get all the nutrients they need. Although there are varieties of Garden of life products, their active ingredients are almost similar and that’s why we shall highlight some of them under this category. 

Astaxanthin: This is normally found in an aquatic environment and its main purpose is that it acts as antioxidants in the body. This can be essential especially for those who seek to reduce oxidative stress. 

Fucoxanthin: This is also another ingredient form ocean environment. It also has some antioxidant property which makes it a perfect ingredient for the reduction of oxidative stress. It mainly helps to reduce the number of cell in the body as it activates the fat burning process. Most research indicates that it can be used as an anti-obese and an anti-inflammatory Bifidobacterium. Its significant in Garden of life protein as it acts as a probiotic and improves our immune system which is a report given by Science Direct.

Omega 3: This is obtained from fish oil and it mainly contains fatty acids. With the presence of omega 3 in your system, you can always prevent several health complications from occurring. Thus it plays a major role in this supplement

Other natural ingredients available in this supplement includes: Glutamic Acid, Lactobacillus Brevis, Bacillus Subtilis, L. rhamnosus, Sprouted Brown Rice, Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Pumpkin Seed Sprout, Flax Seed Sprout, Sesame Seed Sprout, Cracked Wall Chlorella, Pea, Chia Seed Sprout, Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Lentil Sprout and Adzuki Bean Sprout.

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Not all people get interested in one thing and that is why garden of life Meal replacement shakes are manufactured with indifferent flavors so that anyone can be able to use them. This has ensured that no one is left out. The common flavors available includes 

  • Vanilla which contains 115 calories for every serving 
  • Vanilla Spiced Chai containing about 115 calories for every serving 
  • Lightly Sweet having 130 calories for every serving 
  • Chocolate Cacao having 120 calories for every serving


In the claims given by Garden of Life Company about the taste of their supplements, they suggest that the taste is very delicious and is a perfect supplement for anyone who values delicious taste. But those may not be the case as not all people can be love a specific taste. Some of the customers who have used this product state that it actually tasted horrendous while others state that it’s the best taste they have always been craving for.

Customer review

Garden of life protein is a choice for everyone seeking to feed on first food free from harmful chemicals. Most people have been satisfied with the way in which the product has satisfied all their expectation. There are no reports of customers who found it unsatisfying and according to the little cost they pay for the product, they regard it as the best supplement for weight loss.


Think about how much you can archive with the use of Garden of Life Meal Replacement Shake. Generally, their main task is to be used as a weight loss product and at the same time, you can substitute it with your daily meal. 

  • They also improve our energy and makes our muscles stronger. 
  • Contain many probiotic & enzymes which improve our digestive health 
  • It makes one stay free from hunger.


  • Rich in fiber that cleansed our body if it’s used consistently. 
  • Improved amount of proteins from the ingredients which help in body development 
  • Increases the rate of metabolic activities their by burning excess fat 
  • Its regarded as the cheap product in the market with the great positive effect in our lives 
  • The ingredients are organic in nature 
  • It’s free from fillers, artificial flavors, synthetic sweeteners and fillers


  • Too much fiber which may make one feel gassy and bloated 
  • Not advisable for patients who have kidney or liver problems. 
  • It contains several ingredients which mask the natural flavor 
  • The texture looks sandy/grainy

Bottom Line

Garden of life is a good choice for those seeking to reduce weight without engaging in vigorous excessive. The products have now been spread on the market and you can always get them whenever you need to use them. The most trusted platforms to purchase them could possibly be Amazon or on the Garden of life selling website. 


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