A Review of Idealshape Meal Replacement Shake

A Review of Idealshape Meal Replacement Shake

IdealShape weight loss supplement is a product from ideal shape company situated in Lindon specifically in was first established in 2003, its business profile has been kept stable since 2012 and it has been manufacturing many weight loss shakes. This shakes are manufactured in form of snack bars, drink mixes, products burning fats, appetite suppressant and of cause weight loss ideas and plans. It has an online website where one can purchase the products directly from them. 

What is IdealShape?  

IdealShape meal replacement shake is a weight loss product intended to help people with excess weight to lose them within a short period of time. Its unique content makes it different from the other shakes we have been seeing around us. It’s composed of several ingredients that make it a perfect choice for anyone disturbed by the weight problem. Some of the ingredients used are more natural which makes it healthy for our body. There are approximately 50% minerals and vitamin content which is very sufficient for your body function. It’s comprised of 2g sugar, and 7 various flavors. 

How does IdealShape Work?  

Thinking about the science behind this weight loss product, it was hectic, but the truth behind its operation is that it comprises of products with the ability to ensure you attain your weight loss goal. The potatoes ingredient makes it the best item for all your dreams. With a single intake of this potion, you will always find yourself full and without any urge to take more food. This suppresses your appetite but you still remain energetic. Through this way, there will be minimal calories in your body and at long last, you will reduce your weight. 

The Active Ingredient of IdealShape 

Ideal shape shake is comprised of very many ingredients which may not be able to mention all. But just to give a quick hint about them, you will find ingredients such as green tea, thiamine, slendesta potatoes-extract, and Raspberry ketones, Whey Protein, Yerba Mate, Sunflower Oil, Digestive Enzyme, vitamins and many more. But what are their roles in IdealShape meal replacement shake? 

  • Potato Protein Extract: This is the perfect active ingredient in this supplement. And it’s actually suggested that it’s the one that makes this product be a better weight loss product. More research was conducted to ascertain if truly this extract could be good for human consumption, but the results were positive. It keeps us free from hunger and allows us to focus on the weight loss project. 
  • Huperzia Serrata: This is a neuro-energy blend that works together with other ingredients to maximize the outcome. Other people call it “club mos” this has been shown its impact in the treatment of central nervous problems. It has also been used to cure swellings, strains, bruises, cold and rheumatism. This ensures our muscles and tendons are relaxed and improves the rate at which blood circulates in our body. As a result of this, you will be able to feel energized and strong the whole day. Because you haven’t consumed anything and you feel strong, you will be burning more calories ion your body thereby helping you to reduce the weight. 
  • Sucralose: Artificial sweetener free from calories and is extremely sweeter when compared to sucrose. It changes the level of P-GP that is generated in our body. It also reduces the amount of formation of beneficial fecal microflora. At some point, the manufacturers claim it’s good for body weight, but there may be health effects which so far have not been verified. 
  • Acesulfame Potassium: It reduces the level of blood sugar in our body. It’s also made free from any calories. The truth behind this ingredient is that it’s 200 times sweater compared to sucrose. It increases the secretion of insulin if it’s consumed in high quantity. And because of its ability to modify the brain activity, it will increase the rate at which neuro metabolic functions take place. This help in increasing the breakdown of calories in the body.

Idealshape Meal Replacement Shake


There are several benefits associated with using IdealShape and you will justify this information once you make a purchase and test its effectiveness by yourself. The common benefits include: 

  • It helps to reduce excess weight  
  • It’s ideal in appetite suppression which reduces your urge to eat something. This saves you from incurring extra cost. 
  • It’s made with artificial sweeteners which make it sweeter and easily consumable by anyone 
  • Its greater advantage is that it comes to a favorable cost when compared to the amount of benefit it causes in our body 
  • Low amount of calories and sugar (100 calories & 1 gram of sugar) 
  • Effective in suppressing your appetite. 
  • Sufficient amount of protein included (11 grams per serving) 
  • 30 days warranty 

Side effects 

We cannot fail to mention some of the common side effects associated with this supplement. Some may be immense but others may just be a short-term effect. Below are the common side effects experienced by the end users of ideal shape? 

  • The artificial sweeteners may have a harmful effect in our neuro-metabolic activities, this may change the way in which our brains operate as someone may incur brain malfunctioning 
  • Most people who have used this product complain if nausea which does seems to be a short-term 
  • Other people who have used it complain of experiencing some swelling in some parts of their body. 
  • Cellulose gum may not be a good ingredient in IdealShape because research conducted indicates that it has the ability to increase micro bacteria activities in our body. The end result of this is that you are likely to acquire obesity or metabolic syndrome and even chronic inflammatory infections 

What does it cost?  

This is a perfect supplement that caters for the need for each and every one. There is no need to complain that the price is too high for you. Through the IdealShape website, you can be able to get this shake Ata cost of $59.99, despite this cost, the company provides Ideal shape Smoothie Recipes, shaker bottle. You can also get an offer of 2 meal replacement shake tubes, IdealShape bottle, and eBook when you make an order worth $138.96. If this isn’t fit for you, they can pay $228.94 for 4 tubes and a bottle. 

Customer review

With the response given by the customers who have used this item, the reality is that this shake has improved the lives of many and have delivered them for their sorrows, they give a testimony that they can now live a free life without the worries of excess weight bothering them. Even though other customers complain about the effectiveness of this supplement, they may have not followed the instructions given on its effective use. 

Bottom Line  

When we think of a way to lower our weight, IdealShape has always been there for us, buy just spending alike cash for this task, you will find it easy to live a free life without being limited by the excess weight. This review is to empower you with the knowledge and allow you to make the right choice. If you may be figuring out where to buy IdealShape, Amazon is actually a good place for you because you’ll always be sure of the delivery and accountability of your money. 


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