If Your Body is Showing These Symptoms, You have a Damaged Liver

The biggest, as well as the most important organ in your body, is Liver. The main function of liver in the body is to clean the blood of the body and helps in the digestion of the food. It also helps the body in fighting with the infection. The liver has a special power to regenerate new tissues if old ones are damaged. The main reason of damaging of the liver is what kind of lifestyle ideas you follow. There are many reasons or lifestyle ideas that can damage your liver like the consumption of alcohol on a large scale, consuming a lot of junk or unhealthy food, if you are doing these kinds of things, you are putting extra pressure on your liver which can slow down the work of the liver and that results in overstressed of the liver. If the liver is overstressed then it won’t be able to produce the energy by the breaking down of foods. In this article, you are going to know about 6 main symptoms of the liver damage. If you have any of these symptoms then you must visit a doctor and change your lifestyle ideas. 

Turning Yellow  

If the color of your eyes or skin turns yellow, you may have the problem of Jaundice which can occur when there is a problem in the liver. The skin and the white portion of the eyes turn yellow is caused when the bilirubin substance mixes with the blood and turning the color of blood into yellow. Jaundice can be caused due to bad lifestyle ideas, drinking a lot of alcohol or daily consumption of alcohol in a large quantity, taking any toxic substance and also due to various infections. 

Aches in the abdomen 

If you feel any pain in the abdomen then it can be because of liver damage. Most of the time it is a dull or vague pain and sometimes it can also cause a backache. It is also called Liver pain. Liver pain results in different kind of diseases like ascites, hepatitis, liver failure, liver damage etc. It is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or bad lifestyle ideas or consumption of junk food on a daily basis. 

Joint Pain 

If you have a problem of fatigue, vomiting, joint pain, problems occur while running or exercising, loss of appetite then you must have a problem in the liver. In these conditions, your immune system attacks the cell which is present in the liver and made them weak which results in the damaging of the liver. According to the study of NIH ( National Institutes of Health ) this condition mostly occurs in women as compared to men. 

Skin Spots 

If the main part of the body which is called liver is not working properly or not cleaning your blood properly then there must be a possibility of having spots in the skin. These small sport in the skin can also cause large skin blemishes. It also causes an itch on the skin which can affect the whole body. If you have these symptoms please change your lifestyle ideas and consult with your doctor. 


It is also a symptom of the liver damage. If you began to experience confusion if you forget things easily then these may be the symptoms of liver damage. It happens when the damaged liver allows too much copper to build up in your blood and brain. Confusion is also related to advance level liver disease. If you feel a lot of confusions it may be due to your bad lifestyle ideas and your bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption. 

Muscle Wasting 

When there is a decrease in the muscles mass it is known as muscle wasting. It can be of two types – partial or complete wasting of muscle. If your size of the stomach is increasing day by day and your ankles are swollen and you have skinny or very thin arms and legs, it can be caused due to the damaged liver. This also occurs in different parts of the body like cheeks, or around your temples etc. If you have these kinds of symptoms please change you lifestyle ideas and the see the results. 

How you can prevent Damage Liver – 1. Increase your vitamin E intake. Eat vitamin rich foods like nuts, wheat germ, vegetable oils etc. 2. Stop your bad lifestyle ideas like smoking, drinking alcohol and convert them into good lifestyle ideas like meditation etc. and Do exercise daily. 


Richard D. Gosnell
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