All You Need To Know About Isagenix Shakes 

Isagenix Shakes 

Currently, the world is changing in every aspect, the technology is there and people as well are changing. No one is no longer interested with having big plumb bodies almost every person wants to have a slim and cool figure, due to this there are products like the Isagenix which have been meant to ensure that he or she helps people maintain and control weight.

Who Manufactured The Isagenix Product?

Isagenix International is the company that came up with the idea of manufacturing the Isagenix products. Isagenix international company was formed me the year 2002, it has its headquarters at Gilbert in Arizona by three individuals that are: Jim Coover, Kathy Coover, and John Anderson. This company is currently serving a total of 13 countries.

What Are Isagenix Products?

Isagenix products are products manufactured by the Isagenix international company purposely to help people in nutritional cleansing. Through nutritional cleaning the individuals who tend to use the Isagenix products in a proper way benefit by losing weight, improving their body health as well as living a good life.

What Is Isagenix Shakes?

Isagenix shakes is a meal replacement shake that has been made from ingredients that enables the body to produce much energy and enable one to lose weight as they remain healthy, strong and enable growth of muscles. It is a three-in-one meal supplement.

How Does Isagenix Work?

Now you want to lose weight and at the same time build your muscles strong. You might be wondering how is this going to happen by just using a meal supplement such as the Isagenix. Now, this is it, for effective results you have to take a program of at least 3o days. Only two meals should be replaced each day, the third meal which is not replaced should be taken with a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 600 calories. The Isagenix supplements should as well be taken as instructed that is at least two days in one week.

Isagenix cleanse products should be taken in week one and week two, it is not recommendable to drink meal replacements or opting to take the common foods during this period. Isagenix contains ingredients which highly burn excess fats in the body. The Isagenix meal replacement as well is capable of building muscles, increasing energy production in the body and also ensure proper digestion.

What Are The Available Isagenix Flavors?

Isagenix is available in the following flavors: strawberry cream, orange cream, chocolate flavor, French vanilla flavor, and the black sesame flavor. These flavors are all best.

What Are The Isagenix Shakes Ingredients?

Isagenix shakes contain ingredients that have been proved to be good for human consumption. The following are the major ingredients in Isagenix shakes and how useful they are to you when you are using them trying to lose weight:

Isagenix Shakes review

Protein sources

One serving of Isagenix serving contains 24 grams protein. This is always considered too high but it has been proved to have no negative effects. Whey protein is the type of protein implemented here, it’s obvious how whey proteins are known to consist the most essential amino acids which are responsible for muscle building as well as muscle repair. 


In one serving of Isagenix shake, there are about 240 calories. This always sounds awkward for a weight loss control meal replacement, but it is healthy as the user is now supposed to take meals which have fewer calories so as to make the weight loss process effective.


One serving of Isagenix shakes contains a total of 24 grams carbohydrates. This will work perfectly with you if you tend to exercise properly so as to ensure that it gets burned.  This is also some source of proteins in the body combined with regular exercises.


4 grams of fiber is contained in one Isagenix serving, fibers are included in this shake to ensure that they curb hunger, suppress appetite and also ensure that proper digestion is taking place.


In one serving of Isagenix shakes, there is 11 grams sugar. This is not good actually for the heart but the reason for this ingredient is to make the shake to have a sweet taste.

Vitamins and mineral 

This is always availed to ensure that your body gets the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for growth.

Isagenix Shakes Taste

Isagenix shakes have a sweet taste because they contain sweeteners. Flavors range from dairy and  non-dairy. The dairy flavors include the strawberry cream, Dutch chocolate cream, and French vanilla cream. The non-dairy flavor tastes include the natural berry, rich chocolate, and the vanilla chai. 

What Is The Isagenix Shakes Price?

Isagenix shakes prices differ from one supplier to another, a 30-day plan meal costs around $300. It also depends on the country in which the Isagenix shakes is supplied in. on serving costs a total of $25 or less. 

What Are The Benefits Of Isagenix Shakes?

The following are the major benefits one is likely to get from using Isagenix shakes: 

  • Lose weight and remain healthy all through
  • Build strong muscles
  • Improved energy production in the body
  • Reduce calories cravings

What Are The Side Effects Of Isagenix Shakes?

  • Too much protein may lead to kidney diseases.
  • Too much sugar can cause heart-related diseases.
  • The dairy tastesIsagenix shakes may have some allergic reactions to individuals who are allergic.

Isagenix Reviews

Many people who have used these Isagenix products have finally got awesome and expected results but some people find it hard to adopt these products. From the current research which was carried about the Isagenix products here are the cons and pros collected from different groups of individuals.


  • It curbs hunger for long times thus reducing the rate at which you take meals. 
  • The whey proteins used have the essential amino acids required by the body to build muscles. 
  • Isagenix shakes have 23 minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body. 
  • Isagenix shakes have high amounts of proteins which give the body energy during starvation.


  • Isagenix shakes are expensive than the other meal replacements.
  • They have high sugar levels which are not good for the heart.


Isagenix shakes products are the best meal replacement to use for weight loss, muscle building, and healthy living style. This meal replacement works very well when one decides to take the thirty days plan. This is the product that will give you the amazing results you have been looking for. it can be purchased online and shipped to your place. 


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