Top Medical Benefits Provided by CBD Hemp Oil

From helping people with epilepsy to those experiencing insomnia, CBD hemp oil has proved that it has a growing number of uses. Those who seek to experience its health benefits will appreciate that, with the ever-growing field of research around CBD, even more uses may be discovered over time. One advantage of using CBD hemp oil products is that they do not cause one to feel high. Additionally, the chances of experiencing harmful side effects are low.  

Notable benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil 

CBD hemp oil can provide many medical benefits for its users. Some of the benefits that have previously been studied include;  


A study on lab mice concluded that CBD can significantly reduce or eliminate the chances of developing diabetes. Although the researchers behind this study were unable to establish a connection between CBD and glucose levels, it was concluded that using CBD products can counter the process by which the body makes interleukin-12, which affects autoimmune diseases.  

Trauma victims

There are millions of people in the United States alone who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). CBD hemp oil may help these people as it possesses an anti-anxiety effect. As a result, users are able to feel calm. Others who suffer from stress or anxiety can also benefit from the use of CBD hemp oil.  

Cigarette addiction 

This benefit of CBD was discovered by a study involving people addicted to smoking cigarettes. In this study, one group was placebo-controlled while the other was provided with CBD oil. Both groups were instructed to give in to their urge to smoke, in order to determine which experienced more cravings. In the end, it was found that those who took CBD were able to reduce their rate of smoking cigarettes by 40%.  


Traditional treatment of fibromyalgia involves the use of anti-inflammatory medicines, corticosteroids, and opioid medications. However, current CBD research is finding that CBD may benefit those with fibromyalgia. When compared to those who used only traditional medication, patients who used CBD oil showed more improvement. 


Almost everyone suffers from acne at some point in their lives, and many struggle to find a long-lasting solution. However, CBD offers a new option. When absorbed into the subcutaneous glands, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect reduces the size and redness of acne. 

Crohn’s disease  

CBD is shown to be effective at easing digestive problems. Consequently, researchers have stated that they believe that CBD hemp oil can provide symptom relief for those suffering from Crohn’s disease by facilitating improved gut functioning. Because Crohn’s disease causes inflammation in the digestive system, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce swelling and pain. 


One of the potential side effects of CBD that may be a blessing in disguise is that it causes one to feel tired. While to some people this is an inconvenience, insomniacs can benefit from this side effect. The use of CBD oil for treating insomnia provides an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. CBD makes for a better choice, as the pharmaceuticals have proved to be addictive.  


There is hope that CBD may be effective in treating schizophrenia. While many schizophrenia medications have a long list of potentially dangerous side effects, CBD has almost none at all. In 2012, a group of German researchers studied the side effects of both CBD and the antipsychotic medication amisulpride. They concluded that while both treatments helped people with schizophrenia, the side effects caused by CBD were less severe than those caused by amisulpride.  

Multiple Sclerosis

The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is significant for people with multiple sclerosis. Further research has discovered that CBD may reduce the possibility of developing multiple sclerosis. The study that discovered this gave test animals CBD oil as a form of treatment. At the end of the study, these animals experienced a positive change and improved motor skills. 

While CBD hemp oil can provide numerous benefits, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning use.

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