Trump’s Answer to US Debt Crisis-Food Stamps For Blue-Apron Styled Box 

Guess how Trump’s solving the Republican’s US debt bogart… It’s not by decreasing Pentagon’s spending or repealing the tax break for the top two percent. But that’s close (opposite actually). 

It’s scaling back aid to the poorest Americans. 

President Donald Trump’s solution to the debt crisis is to cut costs on food stamps by replacing them with actual food (only the best, in Trump’s words) in a Blue Apron styled program kind of way. Perhaps comparing it with Blue Apron (which has been providing some of the best foods at affordable rates) is a little bit unfair to Blue Apron. 

The only resemblance will be in the packaging, since food stamps currently cost about $1.37 per person, while Blue Apron costs about $10 per person. 

American’s Harvest Box will contain a balanced meal of pasta, peanut butter (pray you don’t have nut allergies), shelf-stable milk, canned fruits and some veggies (hope it isn’t broccoli when you want peas). 

But the point is that the government will be in control of what you (or at least those that receive food stamps) eat. If this seems hypocritically familiar, it’s because it is. 

Remember when Michelle Obama was accused of turning the country into a “nanny state” because she suggested that the best foods for high school kids were veggies, whole cereals, and almost no salt? Guess who threw the accusations then. 


What are the selling points for a program aiming to cut down food stamps (which are worth mostly $90 per month)? Because surely there are some perceived benefits.  

  • Debt Reduction

This is, of course, Trump administration’s biggest selling point. The proposed budget is expected to decrease the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by $17.2 billion in 2019 alone (about 22 percent of SNAP’s budget), and over $100 billion in the next decade. 

The reason for the cost deduction? The government can buy the best foods at wholesale prices while food stamp beneficiaries are forced to buy them at retail prices. The end result is that the government still fulfills its obligation but at a more affordable rate. 

Of course, Mike Mulvaney is so excited about budget cuts that he reduces government obligations to just figures rather than actually taking the actual needs of the people into consideration. 

  • America First

The agricultural secretary, Sonny Perdue, meanwhile is having a field day with this idea, calling it a “bold and innovative move” by the government. Since packaging foods will mean more jobs for American Farmers and producers as they’ll be the ones growing the food placed in the box. 

It will also maintain the current food levels since those receiving the food stamps will get the same amount of food provided to them as they got before. But most of all, it’s a more responsible option to the taxpayers.  


On the other side of the aisle, the proposal has met some fierce critics who point out its obvious flaws. Some of which are; 

  • It’s offensive and degrading 

Rep Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who had raised her kids (most of whom were boys) partly on food stamps says she “can’t overstate how offensive the proposal is” 

She says low-income families should be able to have access to fresh and healthy foods like normal people, and not just boxed up products that have sat on the shelves for long. 

  • It Won’t Really Make A Difference To The Trillion Dollar Debt Crisis  

While decreasing $100 billion from the debt seems like a huge relieve, remember it’s saving just over a hundred billion dollars after TEN YEARS. Plus Trump has other policies that will negate this gain was before the US sees a cost reduction. From increased military spending, to tax cuts for corporations, and if he gets his way, a big beautiful wall on the Mexican border (isn’t Mexico supposed to pay for that?). 

  • New Jobs Are Not Really Created

There will simply be a transfer of wealth between Americans. As of 2013, Walmart redeemed about 19% of the food stamps, so they earned the retainer fees. Meanwhile, most people use their food stamps in small retail shops around them, so those small retail shops will lose. 

It will be ignorant claiming America first, when some Americans had to lose some form of their livelihood for other Americans to gain. 

Besides, who’s the government to decide what the best foods are for some 16 million Americans? 

Richard D. Gosnell
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