What is CBD Oil: Uses, Benefits and Best Brands


The year 2018 and the previous decade as a whole has led us to see an intense rise in the popularity of what some might regard as the new holy grail of the health industry: CBD oil. The factor that allowed for this trend to be possible can be linked to the fact that more and more governments legalized the use of medical marijuana during the year. The rave about this product is certainly undeniable but the focus of this article is to consider whether or not this loud ovation is justifiable. All that shall be discussed in this article can be classified under these major subtopics;

What is CBD oil?

In order to appropriately discuss the applicability of CBD oil, it is expedient that we, first of all, acquire a balanced understanding of what the product is. The term CBD oil is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is found in cannabis plants. It can be found naturally in large percentages in plants such as hemp and marijuana. One of the most interesting facts about CBD oil is that unlike other products which are derived from cannabis plants, it does not leave a narcotized effect on the patient. This fact might also be largely responsible for the increase in its use. CBD oil has been linked to the alleviation of numerous ailments ranging from anxiety and pain to insomnia and other sleep disorders. While some critics postulate that there is no hard evidence to these claims, the truth is CBD oil has certainly earned a place at the table of medical products.

How CBD oil is made

The process of making CBD oil is rather an easy straightforward one. The first detail that must be considered in producing CBD oil is locating a hemp source that is rich in cannabinoids. The richness of the source is what always gives rise to the variation in quality that we find in the various oils from different manufacturers. The most common method of making CBD oil is that of whole plant extraction. This simply means that the whole plant is used in the process of making the oil. So, it is necessary to groom the plant properly and then it is later sent for extraction. This is the most preferred method by medical personnel as it involves the whole cannabinoid spectrum and this certainly allows for the best results. Other methods include isolate extraction, alcohol extraction, and CO2 extraction. Making the best CBD oil doesn’t just end at the plant cultivation and extraction though, it is also expedient that the extract is flavored and diluted afterward. This is essential because the extracted CBD oil is too unpleasant for the patient’s daily consumption.

The use of CBD oil

There is definitely no rigid formula to the manner in which CBD oil is consumed. It can be used in the form of capsules, tincture, vapor, sprays and as topical. CBD oils in tincture form are mainly used as food additives. In purchasing or consumption of CBD oil, it is very necessary to take note of one thing: the concentration of the solution. The concentration is measured in milligrams and apparently the more the mass of the cannabinoid, the more concentrated the oil. Just like other drugs, a suitable concentration for each consumer always depends on their body weight.

The best CBD oils from various companies

In the general market, one is completely spoiled for choice when it comes to CBD oil. Making a great choice when it comes to this subject might be a truly uphill task as the variety of options is indeed rich. However, some companies cannot be left unmentioned.


FAB CBD is one of the leading CBD brands around today. What is largely responsible for this is how well they do in marketing themselves. And in doing this, they make quite some staggering claims. Some of them include the use of 100% natural organically grown hemp source, non-GMO certified, entirely THC-free and proper advice on the right dosage. And they surprisingly come true on most of these claims. FAB CBD Oil also offers a great value as a 150 mg bottle may go as low as $39. The side effects are pretty limited. Most customers rate it highly and remark that it induces less drowsiness after its consumption.




CBD MD oil is based mainly on the CO2 extraction method. This literally means that the end product is a full spectrum solution. The major benefit of this oil is that it is very budget-friendly. The company also boasts a very helpful customer support service and a 30-day guarantee on their products. A large percentage of their customer base has also been really satisfied, even noting that side effects are practically non-existent. However, there are a few red flags that are noticeable. For example, the company simultaneously claims that its oil is full spectrum and a pure CBD isolate. This is highly contradictory and certainly causes raised eyebrows.


Elixinol CBD Tincture

While Elixinol produces many products like capsules and pet treats, their most widely used products come in tinctures. One which stands out most is the X-pen. The company is very transparent and try to employ methods that are clean and eco-friendly. The pricing of this tincture, on the other hand, could be better and third-party testing did not reveal the best markers.


Green Roads

Green Roads offer a lot of yummy options. This simply means you get your daily dose of CBD while taking lollies. Cool, right? But these also contain quite a bit of sugar and corn syrup, meaning you certainly want to stay away from this option if you’re watching your diet or diabetic. But they also offer an option of fogies for more severe pain.


Nuleaf Natural

Of all the CBD brands available, Nuleaf Natural enjoys practically the most positive consumer reviews. The price to quality ratio is pretty fantastic too. The company strives to maintain a great relationship with the growers and customer support is also great. Sadly, beyond their oil, they do not offer any other products.

nuleaf naturals

Customer review of CBD oil

As at the moment this article was written, CBD oil review has been highly positive so far from the user, at least relatively. Many consumers are happy to finally see an alternative to THC that appears to be highly reliable and consistent. They are also rather confident that the production of CBD oil will only keep on improving.


Conclusively, it goes without saying that one of the reasons why CBD oil has become really popular today is because of the fact that it is largely non-psychoactive. This makes it a perfect solution to many ailments. And for the price most companies are offering today, going for this alternative is indeed a no-brainer.

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